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1CD package is available. (By Hamajima of NBUG)

Latest version is "Ebifuryaa VI Ox edition" released on 02 Jan 2006.


NetBSD/i386 XCAST6 Live CD by NBUG 2005.06

1CD package of XCAST6 video conference set. You can enjoy realtime group communication with this 1CD package, if you have an AT compatible machine with a CD-ROM drive.

The main feature of this 1CD package is below.

  • This 1CD package is based on NetBSD/i386 2.0.2.
  • Target system consists of AT compatible machine with an ATAPI CD-ROM drive and 256MB or upper size of memory.
  • xsrc of XFree86 4.4.0 has been installed on.
  • The all application for XCAST6 video conferencing has been installed, XCAST6-enabled vic, rat and xcgroup.These application can be invoked from the menu with middle mouse buttun click.
  • Other many usefull applications are installed.
  • The normal user "nbug" is added on.

In addition, there are some notes in use.

  • You can login with the account "nbug" without password.
  • Please use "sudo" for privileged commands.
  • Because it is so lonly to hold a conferece alone, You should find another person to talk with.But you had better to obtain permission to participate someone's conference before join it.Unauthorized participation is contrary to manners.
  • This 1CD package requires

CD-ROM bootable BIOS and 2.88MB floppy emulation.

  If you want to use Xserver on Your system, XFree86 4.3.0 should be worked on it.
  It might not work depending on your video chip.
  In some case, only VGA might be applied.
  There might be another restriction.
  • Ethernet must be active.Also IPv6 reachability is needed.Some IPv6 router might filter IPv6 packet with xcast option header.
  • You can not login as "root". when you need, please use "sudo".
  • It might take long time to start up an application according to the physical access rate of CD-ROM drive.
  • Because swap partition cannot be allocated on a read only CD-ROM drive, You cannot execute more application than available memory space.
  • You cannot remove CD-ROM from your drive, when you use this system becase it mount on.
  • You cannot apply latest patch, even if you want to.
  • There is no readme file on this 1CD package.