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To whom gets XCAST6 live CD

XCAST6 WindowsXP SP2 Binary Kit


  • XCAST on WindowsXP SP2 binarykit updated!!download [25 Jul 2006]
  • XCAST on WindowsXP SP2 binarykit release!!download [11 October 2005]
  • XCAST MATSURI was held!!(2005/10/8 - 10/10) Matsuri Portal [28 July 2005]
  • Hello!! XCAST Beginners!! Let's visit! => here [15 July 2005]
  • How To Use XCAST with Windows XPlink [25 June 2005]
  • This wiki become to be edited, again.(Thanx tomocha!) [24 Mar 2005]
  • New XCAST logo by Chaki. [17 June 2004]

What's XCAST?

XCAST is short for Explicit Multi-Unicast (formerly Explicit Multicast)

How to join us?

XCAST related researches

IETF activities

Sorry, It's remained part.

Active XCAST groups


Please see documentation on customizing the interface and the User's Guide for usage and configuration help.